Thursday, May 28, 2009

End of Year Survey 2008-2009

1. Complete end of year survey here. Please apend 20 - 30 minutes on this as it will be extremely helpful for next year's class.

2. Send your most recent email address to

3. Graduating Seniors: Keep in touch!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AP Review

AP Lit Final Review


  • Count the passages for time management.
  • Rank passages from easiest to hardest.
  • Do the math.
  • Okay to skip a passage if you do really well on the rest.
  • POE (Process of Elimination)
  • Eliminate easiest questions, then come back to hardest.
  • No blind guesses.
  • 1/2 bad = all bad.
  • Preview questions.
  • Read for main idea.
  • (Poetry) Read twice before answering qs.
  • Don’t worry about deeper meanings the first time through.
  • Ignore line breaks—read as if it’s sentences.
  • When in doubt, pick answer that agrees with main idea.
  • Pick answers that agree with each other.

·       If confused, answers can help you understand.

·       For general qs, look for answer that describes entire passage.

·       Pay close attention to wording of qs

·       Check time at last passage.

·       If 7 min or less, use 7 min passage technique (don’t read passage—go from qs requiring no knowledge to those requiring complete knowledge)

  • Read before and after line references
  • Don’t worry about scansion (IP)
  • On EXCEPT, NOT, and LEAST qs, eliminate negative word and eliminate all answers that fit remaining qs.



  • 40 min per essay
  • easiest 1st, hardest last
  • AP – answer the prompt

·       Idea machine—hidden q is first question

  • Don’t worry about being wrong; have confidence in your interpretation
  • Identify key words in essay prompt
  • Do get attention and answer prompt in intro
  • Body par: clear topic, provide and explain evidence
  • Conclusion:  have one, add something!
  • Do not ignore or restate prompt
  • Do not have more quotes/plot summary than analysis
  • Do not have hurried concl that restates intro
  • Shakespeare is recommended
  • Do not write about non-fiction


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TEWWG Non-fiction piece

Read the following article and answer the following questions as a comment. Your answers should be detailed and in complete sentences. You may want open as you read.

  1. What is Voodoo?
  2. What is Smith's thesis?
  3. Define syncretization.
  4. Why is Voodoo an appropriate religion for Hurston to draw from in Their Eyes?
  5. What are the two classes of Voodoo loa and how are they different?
  6. How does Hurston present Voodoo as a viable religion?
  7. Who is Erzulie Freda and in what ways does Janie resemble her, physically and otherwise?
  8. According to Smith, what is the significance of the pear tree?
  9. To what Voodoo figure is teacake compared and what is the significance?
  10. Why, according to Smith, does Teacake slap Janie?
  11. What, according to Metreaux, is the Voodoo concept of God and how/why does it fit with Hurston's message?
  12. According to Smith, how has Janie changed upon her return to Eatonville?
  13. Paraphrase Janie's lesson about the "importance of self-determination."
  14. According to Smith, what is the "alternate path to selfhood" embodied by Janie?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Their Eyes Were Watching God - Socratic Seminar Prep

The Socratic Seminar for Their Eyes has been moved back to tomorrow in order to give you more time to prepare. Today, you will be creating a list of 20 guiding questions for tomorrow's discussion, which feed into one overarching question. You are to post this guide as a comment on the post you are reading now. In order to do that, click on the word "comment" at the bottom of this post.

Coming up with provocative questions is not easy, but it is a lot easier with an overarching question, which should:

1) Address a central theme of the book.
2) Place that theme within the context of the world in general, either now, at the time of the book's publishing, or both.

From there you craft questions (10 of which must refer to specific passages in the book) and "feed" into the larger question. For example:

What is the message of Their Eyes Were Watching God regarding the role of women and how does Hurston communicate that message?

1. Consider the scene by the pear tree on p. 10 and 11. What might Janie's experience be symbolizing in terms of the empowerment of women and sexuality.
You may work in pairs.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AP Review

For next week's final, you'll need to master the vocabulary words from the sheet I handed out earlier this week. From that list you will create a set of flashcards at Quizlet. Today, go to Quizlet and:

1. Create an account
2. Create your own set from the list--you'll need to use a print or online dictionary.
3. Play the games and test yourself. You should be at 100% by finals time.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Death of a Salesman Reading Guide

Thoroughly answer ALL of the questions from the reading guide, which you can find here. Thorough means at least one paragraph.  Bring your completed guide to class on 1/5 and be ready for a test.

Metamorphosis Intro

In The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka introduces the existential character, Gregor Samsa, who turns into a gigantic bug.  Eventually this causes another metamorhophosis to occur to his younger sister Grete.  While Gregor undergoes a physical change, Grete transforms from child to adult.  Gregor and Grete's metamorphoses contribute to Kafka's overall meaning, which is:  in the end everyone is alone and will die that way.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poetry Essay Revisions

For today, you are to complete revisions from yesterday and then follow the same steps for your poetry prompt.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Metamorphosis Writing Prompt - Peer Revisions

Your assignment today is to:

1. Type your Metamorphosis essay as a blog post.

2. Read, make extensive comments on, and score yours and 3 of your colleagues' essays using the AP General Rubric and the Writing Commandments.

Here are the groups:

Rebecca B.
Brian C.
Jahleia C.

Nicole F.

Brittaney M


Brittany O.

Jacqui P.
Biance P.
Charleen S.
James T.

Brittanie W.
Kristal W.
Lorena W.