Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goal Post

Sorry, I've been in the wilderness all weekend and far from the internet machine.

Post the following by the start of class tomorrow:

  1. Top 3 College Choices
  2. GPA Goal for the year
  3. Goal for AP English Exam Score
  4. Name of person who is helping you with your college application essays

"Aim high in case you miss." --?

1 comment:

Ashlie said...

Top 3 College Choices:
University of Texas at Austin
Penn State University
Miami University
Drexel University
Illinois Institute of Technology
(so I can't count)

GPA Goal:
English: an A- (4.67)
This Year: 4.2
Overall: 4.0 or higher

Exam Goal: 4

Person helping with college essays: not sure yet, but Mr. Brater is doing my reccomundations and I thought I would ask him; would you be willing to look them over too. That is, when I get them written.