Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome to AP English 2008-2009

Task #1:

1.  Create a Google Account.
2.  Comment on this post with your name and three college choices.


brittany odom said...

Brittany Odom:

1. University of Alabama
2. Michigan State
3. Eastern

Brian said...

Brian Callan
Eastern Michigan University
Wayne State University
Michigan State University

Nicole F. AP English said...

1. Michigan State
2. Central Michigan
3. Western Michigan

Nikkie said...

1. UCF (Central Florida)
2. U of I (University of Illinois)
3. Michigan State

Kelley said...

Kelley Dolgos
1. Michigan State
2. Wayne State
3. Univeristy Of Michigan

elaine nelson said...

Elaine Nelson

-Grand Valley
-Ferris State

Becca said...

Rebecca Burgess:
-Henry Ford
-Saginaw valley
-Northern Michigan

Lorena said...

1- University of Mich. Ann Arbor
2- Wayne Stae University
3- New Jersey City University

brittaney said...

Brittaney Mitchell

-U of M Dearborn
-Wayne State
-Murray State

Shantanique said...

Shantanique Moore

1)Eastern Michigan
2)Oberlin Conservatory
3)Central Michigan

Gil said...

Top 3 College choices
1. CMU
2. Kettering
3. U of Minn

Brittanie said...

1. Tennessee State University
3.University of North Carolina (Pembroke)

Charles M. A.P. English said...

TOP 3 College Choices
1-University Of Michigan
2-University Of Louisville
3-University Of Southern Indiana

Virginia Vick said...

1. Spelman
2. Michigan State
3. Eastern Michigan

JaclynDAPEnglish said...

SchoolCraft for two years then transfer to Eastern Michigan

kristal said...

Michigan State
Ohio State University

JacquiPApEnglish said...

schoolCraft of two years then transfer over to central/northern