Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Metamorphosis - Ch 3 questions

1) Post detailed, thoughtful answers to 10 of the following questions to your blog. When completed, print your answers, which will be your ticket for tomorrow's discussion.

  1. Why was his family so selfish that they couldn’t help him when he needed them the most?
  2. When Gregor was working his parent’s dept off he was thinking about them so why did they exclude him?
  3. Do you think that they move the furniture in the room to kill him faster?
  4. Does Gregor's family blame him for their present situation?
  5. Why does Gregor feel depression at his family's reaction to him?
  6. Does Gregor's family feel sadness at his death? Relief?
  7. Why does Gregor want to kidnap his sister when he hears her playing the violin?4.Why does Gregor's family stop believing that the bug Gregor is really Gregor?
  8. How does Gregor's family get over losing Gregor so quickly?
  9. What was the significance of Gregor dying?2. Why did the whole family just get up and leave? Does Gregor's father feel any remorse at all?
  10. Why did Grete call Gregor a monster?
  11. Why is the family more quiet at meal times?
  12. Why does Gregor stop eating?
  13. How does this chapter satirize American families today?
  14. Why does Grete all of the sudden start playing her violin now?
  15. If Gregor is a bug, why do his feelings tend to be more humane than when he was a human?
  16. Why does the family abandon Gregor?
  17. Why does Gregor still have love and affection for his family even after they start to forget about him?
  18. How long has Gregor been in the room before he dies?
  19. What is the significance of the violin? Of all the choices of instruments, why does Kafka choose the violin for Grete to play?
  20. Why does Grete NOW choose to get a job? Both her parents are getting them so what is the point?
  21. Is there significance why the Maid finds Gregor dead and not one of his family members? After Gregor turns into a bug, he mentions that his family sometimes go on walks together.
  22. The third paragraph from the end of the chapter says that once the 3 family members left, they all went on a walk together and that they "absolutely needed one". Is there a tie between the first and last thought of the family walking?
  23. Why did Kafka make Gregor die?

2) Go to Quizlet and search "AP Poetry Terms." Then take the test until you get 100%. Make sure the test is 56 questions.

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