Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AP Review

AP Lit Final Review


  • Count the passages for time management.
  • Rank passages from easiest to hardest.
  • Do the math.
  • Okay to skip a passage if you do really well on the rest.
  • POE (Process of Elimination)
  • Eliminate easiest questions, then come back to hardest.
  • No blind guesses.
  • 1/2 bad = all bad.
  • Preview questions.
  • Read for main idea.
  • (Poetry) Read twice before answering qs.
  • Don’t worry about deeper meanings the first time through.
  • Ignore line breaks—read as if it’s sentences.
  • When in doubt, pick answer that agrees with main idea.
  • Pick answers that agree with each other.

·       If confused, answers can help you understand.

·       For general qs, look for answer that describes entire passage.

·       Pay close attention to wording of qs

·       Check time at last passage.

·       If 7 min or less, use 7 min passage technique (don’t read passage—go from qs requiring no knowledge to those requiring complete knowledge)

  • Read before and after line references
  • Don’t worry about scansion (IP)
  • On EXCEPT, NOT, and LEAST qs, eliminate negative word and eliminate all answers that fit remaining qs.



  • 40 min per essay
  • easiest 1st, hardest last
  • AP – answer the prompt

·       Idea machine—hidden q is first question

  • Don’t worry about being wrong; have confidence in your interpretation
  • Identify key words in essay prompt
  • Do get attention and answer prompt in intro
  • Body par: clear topic, provide and explain evidence
  • Conclusion:  have one, add something!
  • Do not ignore or restate prompt
  • Do not have more quotes/plot summary than analysis
  • Do not have hurried concl that restates intro
  • Shakespeare is recommended
  • Do not write about non-fiction


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